Saturday, January 6, 2007

The Beauty of Light

It's not too often that I find photography related blogs that aren't focused on reviews of the latest camera or accessory, so I was pleased to find the Strobist blog while browsing of the Web.

Strobist is written by David Hobby, a photographer for the Baltimore Sun whose hobby (bad pun not intended) is spreading the good word about using off-camera hotshoe flashes for professional lighting.

Rather than use huge, heavy and expensive portable studio lights, Hobby uses simple flash units on portable lightstands with basic light modifiers. The truth is I'm probably making it sound more complex than it is. The bottom line is that Strobist teaches people how to get professional lighting results in quick and easy steps ... for a fraction of the cost of traditional equipment.

If you're interested in learning how to give your subjects the quality light they deserve (and making your photos into something spectacular) I suggest you stop by the Strobist website and read some of the many free how-to articles.

It's called "photography" (or "light writing") for a reason. Light matters.

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