Monday, December 11, 2006

Welcome to The Big Picture

Your view of photography is about to change ... for the better.

The Big Picture came to life out of the hundreds of technical review websites and blogs that dominate the Web and that have made photography more about equipment than about the photographer and the photos.

Technology and technique have always gone hand in hand when it comes to photography, but the core of what makes a great picture great has more to do with the photographer's eye and the subject than the camera, lens, light, and ISO being used.

Rather than focusing on reviews of the latest camera or tests of the newest lens, The Big Picture turns the creative eye on issues that matter to photographers. Whether it's simple composition tips or advice on best business practices for working photographers, successful photography is about more than the brand name on the front of your camera.

Every skilled photographer has created at least one amazing photo and endured comments such as "Wow! You must have a great camera," or "What camera do you use?" Most people don't meet a great author and say "Wow! He must have a great writing pen," or "What version of Microsoft Word do you use?"

Photoshop, the single greatest invention for photographers since the camera, has spawned a generation of people who "pixel peep" (criticizing every pixel of an image without ever looking at the image as a whole).

Somewhere, somehow most people have lost sight of "The Big Picture" when it comes to photography. We aim to change that.

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